About Forbig

Guitar School Forbig is in Jiyugaoka,Meguro-ku.

Completely private guitar and ukulele lessons with one teacher per student.

We support the improvement of beginners all the way to those who want to are looking to be pros with fine tuned advice catered to your goals and desires. The teacher can understand a little bit of English, but the lessons are mainly in Japanese.

Lesson Course/fees

Lessons are a time of your choosing of 30 minutes or more per session.
Courses can be changed every month.

[ Guitar Lessons ]








     Guitar rental fee during a lesson: free

・30 minute course: ¥2,500/session
   as many times a month as you want
   (30 minute sessions)

   For those who are busy, and those who aren't sure, but want to try. For those who want to increase the times they practice, even if each session is short, and create a constant practicing pace. Kids who are 4 years old or elementary school students can also apply.

・Free reservation course: ¥4,000/session
   1−3 times a month (60 minute sessions)

  Recommended for those who want to understand concretely in one lesson and learn. Because each months sessions are chosen by you, it is easy to fit lessons into your own schedule. It is okay to use this as a time to ask questions when you have questions. This is the most popular course.

・Progress realization course: ¥3,500/session
   4 times a month (60 minute sessions)

  Constant and solid. Practice hard for sixty minutes, and you can improve every session. Even those who cannot have regular practice hours at home can steadily improve by constantly joining practice with a lesson every week.

・Speed improvement course: ¥6,000/session
   4 times a month (120 minute sessions)

  Recommended for those who want to improve without a break durring summer vacation, or those who want to learn music theory all in one month. I want to do something at next month's school festival! I want to sing at a wedding in half a year! This course is popular among those who have a set deadline like these.

[ Ukulele Lessons ]






     Ukulele rental fee during a lesson: free

・Ukulele course: ¥2,500/session
   as many times a month as you want
   (30 minute sessions)

  Personal ukulele lessons in the free reservation system. Have fun not just with hawaiian songs, but also singing and playing solos of your favorite songs in pop music, jazz, bossa nova,and others!

*Studio fee included

* Those in the progress realization course and speed improvement course make the next month's reservation during the last lesson of each month, and make a one time payment for that month's fees during the first lesson of the month.

*Cancellation fees
 ・3 days prior to the day before, 50% of the lesson fee
 ・the day of (after midnight), the entire fee.

* It is also possible to have a combination lesson of guitar and ukulele. For more information, please contact us.

*Please consult with us about group lessons, or buisiness trip lessons.

*Please consut with us about lesson frequency and payment methods if you are unable to reserve next months lesson until just before the lesson.

Trial Lesson

We are accepting trial lesson: 30 minutes for Free

This school holds trial guitar and ukulele lessons (30 minutes) at any time.
Because it is possible for you to rent an instrument during a lesson, it is okay if you do not have an instrument, or just want to see what it is like to play a guitar or ukulele. Please experience the fun of playing, and the fun of learning.

We have started renting free introductory instruments for the first month from the trial lesson to be used at your home for those who do not yet have an instrument. Before you buy a guitar, practice a little, and please choose an instrument that you like for yourself at a music store carefully!! If you are interested, please contact us.

If you send us the date and time that you would like to meet using the contact form to the left, we will contact you after confirming that time is available.
The cost of a trial lesson is free.Please feel free to join us.

Teacher Profile

photo1 Seiya Omori
Born: 1980
Birthplace: Aichi Prefecture.

Started piano at 5 years old, switched to guitar at 13 years old, and started band activities. Started to write songs and lyrics in high school. Whlie at Waseda University's first school of humanities and social sciences, participated in various genres of bands.

He is the leader and guitarist for the world mixture punk band "Pessor P. Peseta," and is in charge of guitars, banjos, cavaquinhos, and others for the folk song regage band "Kiwi and the papaya mangoes." In recent years, his performances at overseas world music festivals in places like Europe and Africa have grown, and does workshops at local schools from elementary up to colleges.

In 2015, he published a music book called "Fun duets for parent and child." Beside being this school's teacher, he is also a guitar studies teacher at the Azusa Daiichi High School, in additon to writing and proofreading band scores, making musical arrangements, being a recording operator, and has done a variety of activites.

Access Map/Business hours

  • 11:00〜22:00
  • Regular holiday:None(By appointment only)















    Please contact us from the form
    Tel  : 090-1766-6329
    e-mail  : info@forbig.biz